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Challenge – You have downloaded an A4 sized collage sheet in PDF format with some great images you want to use in some craft projects BUT how do you print out a good quality print?

Solution – First make a decision “Will I print this out at home? or have a service print it?”.

If you said “yes to print this out at home” – you will need an inkjet printer with photo quality ink or a specialised crafter style printer and your choice of paper or card stock to print on. Your specific printer’s manual will provide detailed instruction on the type of paper it can handle, how to setup for use and  suitable inks for different types of printing.

If you said “yes to have a service print it” – you will need a copy of your collage sheet (or combine with a selection to get a number printed for you at same time) and choose a suitable print service that fits your requirements. Today you can find both local and online print services offering a wide range of print services.

In the video below I demonstrate how to use Adobe Reader DC to print your collage sheet at home:


  1. First open your chosen collage sheet in Adobe Reader DC (any other version will work as well)
  2. Have your printer switched on, hooked up to your computer and your chosen A4 sized paper or card stock in the input tray ready for printing.
  3. Then open the “Print” settings either from the print icon or from menu “File > Print”
  4. If printing in colour make sure the check box “Print in grayscale” is unchecked
  5. Under “Paper Sizing” select “Actual Size” and on the right hand size check the “Document preview” of the collage sheet and the document measurements (here an A4 size is shown in inches) match your size of paper you want to print.
  6. Check “Orientation” and select either “Portrait or Landscape” to match the layout of your collage sheet.
  7. Under “Pages to Print” choose either “All” or “Current page”
  8. At top left under “Printer” make sure your printer name is selected and under “Copies” select 1 for just one print or choose more if you want to print several copies of the same sheet
  9. Open “Properties” to check your current printer settings and under “Printer Shortcuts” (or similar depending on your printer software and operating system) – select a suitable printing option to match your desired finish and type of printer paper or card. here I selected “Photo Printing – Plain Paper”. Use the drop down menus to make any other adjustments like the “paper type” and “print quality”. When ready press “OK”
  10. Double check your settings on the main screen (sometimes they can change after altering the “Properties” settings) and once ready – press the “Print” button to print it out. After printing leave it in the tray for a minute or so to allow the ink to dry before handling.

If you like the collage sheet used in the video you can find it here

Please leave any questions and feedback in the comments below.

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